Magical Introductions

Magical Introduction

You Are The Star!

We will make your guest of honor be the star at your event with one of our amazing magical introductions.

Custom Illusions

We offer different options for different budgets, from just a quick and simple introduction, to a Las Vegas’ Style Magical Introduction.

Your Specific Needs

We will focus on your specific needs to help you make that moment fun and memorable.

Our Key To Success

We will work with you to make sure everything goes well and everybody talks about it for years to come!

What is a Magical Introduction?

Many of our clients wants to make a magical introduction to their parties. We have created several ways of making your guest-of-honor magically appear. Whether you want the new president to show up and give their speech, switch two people (the old and the new job position), or just make someone everybody loves magically appear, we got you cover.

Are you ready to be a Rockstar?

We will make you look good and feel good. We will walk you step-by-step so everything looks perfect.

Screen Magical Introduction

This is a very visual introduction and very easy to set-up.

The screes closes and open and then the guest of honor appears from within.


  • This can be done surrounded but it’s better when done in stage.
Magical Introduction

Flip Switch Magical Introduction

This is also a simple way of making your guest-of-honor magically appear. We open a curtain. Two of my assistants will grab them from the end. I will be standing in the middle. They will close the curtain and after that, once they open it, I will have switch places with your guest-of-honor.

It also allows to make a person disappear and then make him/her magically appear, for example, at the back of the room.

Blammo Box Magical Introduction

This is another easy way to produce your guest-of-honor. Just imagine a box that it shows to be empty. Then we uncover the top and all the side-walls will fall to reveal your guest-of-honor is standing on top of it.


  • Small/thin person is preferable.
  • Good shape
  • 125lb max
  • 5′ 5″ max

Fire Cage Illusion

This is the most visual and strong illusion. It is fast and powerful. We can also set up two fire geysers to make it look even more dramatic.


  • Small person is preferable.
  • Good shape
  • 125 lb max
  • 5′ 5″ max
  • Make sure your theater allows the use of fire.

Mirror Magical Penetration

Imagine a silk going passing through a mirror. This is amazing. But wait, there is more! Matias will bring a full size stage mirror and the guest of honor will pass through it. This is one-of-a-kind illusion!


  • Thin person is preferable although Matias can passed through it!
  • This can be done surrounded but it’s better when done in stage.


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